Frequently Asked Questions

What does a license for one of your robots give me access to?

Once you have obtained your license, regardless of its type, you will have personal access to the corresponding bot. You will also benefit from all the updates available!

Why are your bots in the form of software?

Our bots make it possible to automate a number of actions, in particular on social networks. As you know these networks extensively monitor attempts at automation. An online crawler would cause you all to use your crawler with the same IP address, which is widely visible for these sites.
A robot on each of your computers, on the other hand, has its own own IP address (probably the same one you already use to connect to these services). Hence the interest of going through software: you will not be blocked as with an online service!

Do your bots work on Mac OS?

Our bots are all available in a Windows, Mac OS and Linux version. So don’t worry, whatever your operating system, they will run!
However, there may always be computers that are too old and lack some functionality. Contact us if you have a problem with our bots, our support 7 days a week will do its best. best to guide you to success!

I own a company and would like to acquire several licenses, is it possible to negotiate a price?

Contact us via the Contact page if you have a special request. We can indeed offer wholesale rates for the acquisition of multiple licenses!